About Miles

Author, Presenter & Mindset Coach Miles has helped literally tens of thousands of people turn common sense into common practice when it comes to mastering health.

Dubbed recently by a client to be ‘as inspirational to him as Tony Robbins’ Miles has coached CEO’s and Senior Leaders From Independent Operators to some of the biggest health & fitness facilities in the U.K. from Fitness First to Champneys Spa.

Miles has a podcast listened to by over 100,000 people.

He’s also had over 200,000 views of his live coaching videos. A claim to fame is one of his clients starred as a stunt double in the award winning movie The Matrix.

For over a decade Miles has dedicated his life to helping people get out of their way by removing the blocks that have prevented them from getting what they truly want and deserve... until now.

“Miles is as inspirational to me as Tony Robbins.”

— David McGee
“Miles, thankyou so much for the call just now. I have so many ideas, i'm so excited to put them to action. You make something that felt quite overwhelming very simple and easy to implement. Thankyou for the motivation”

— Steph,
Gym Manager
“That was bloody awesome! I was so busy focusing on what I didn't want I forgot about what I do want. Life changing stuff, cannot wait for our next session. So excited. I will be who I want to be. I feel epic!”

— Jamie Selby

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